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Physiotherapy Treatment Of Achilles Tendonitis

Did you know Achilles Tendonitis is most prevalent in men?

This common inflammatory condition occurs as a result of an overuse injury from excessive running each week on hard surfaces. The patient is usually male and presents with tenderness just above the heel on palpation and early morning stiffness.

Rupture of the tendon occurs in the 40 year age group during jumping activities and explosive running. The site of rupture occurs usually 5cm above the tendon insertion into the heel.

How is ACHILLES TENDONITIS treated by Physiotherapists?

Physiotherapy treatment for achilles injuries involves deep tissue massage, stretches and strengthening exercises involving reverse calf raises (eccentric). A heel raise of 1.5 cm is recommended. In very severe tears the physiotherapist provides an aircast boot and surgery is recommended for complete ruptures, followed by physiotherapy rehabilitation exercises.