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Why is the manipulative physiotherapist, at our Bondi Junction physiotherapy clinic your best choice to manage all spinal and sporting injuries?

At our Bondi Junction Physiotherapy clinic we incorporate a holistic personalized approach to treating all your individual injuries. We combine manipulation techniques, deep tissue massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy modalities (TENS), as well as rehabilitation home exercises. We focus on core stability and functional pilates based exercises.


  • Ergonomic lumbar memory cushion for prolonged sitting
  • Physiotherapy deep tissue massage
  • Mobilization & manipulation techniques
  • Acupuncture
  • Core pilates stabilization & stretching exercises using the foam roller
  • Electrotherapy modalities

What is the crack or popping noise when a joint is manipulated?

“Cavitation” is an audible popping/cracking noise caused from a release of gas. The synovial fluid joint is surrounded by a capsule. When the joint is adjusted or manipulated the carbon dioxide (gas) is released after it has built up. This results in a popping sound. It also cracks when the joint is stretched or realigned.

It can be counterproductive to manipulate your own back or neck as this can lead to over stretching, strain and cause damage to the structures.

Therefore manipulating (cracking) your back is best left to the professional physiotherapist at our Bondi Junction Physiotherapy clinic.

Is Yoga or Pilates (core) strengthening more appropriate for my needs?

yoga pilates benefits

Yoga is a Hindu discipline originating in India. It involves physical stretching and adopting specific postures while improving breathing and meditation. Yoga will also be suited for individuals who want to improve their flexibility and general mental (spiritual) “well being”.

Core Pilates originated using springs and pulleys in the 1900’s developed by Joseph Pilates to rehabilitate war veterans in hospital beds as well as ballet dancers. Core Pilates targets the deep intrinsic stabilizing muscles of the abdomen, lower back and pelvis. These muscles are the transversus abdominus, obliques, multifidus and diaphragm. The action of these muscles co-contracting together provide balance and stability to the spine and pelvis during all arm and leg movement. Core Pilates is suitable for all athletes who want to improve their balance, dynamic strength and core stability.

Clinical pilates is a tailor made exercise program presented by our Bondi Junction physiotherapy centre designed to create trunk stability and smooth full range movement in the neutral spine position. The series of exercises are performed either on a mat with equipment or on a reformer bed.

A typical response to treating back pain is to stay in bed or rest for days from strenuous activities. I believe, this actually undermines the healing process. Instead an active pilates or core stabilising exercise program should be started at our Bondi Junction physiotherapy clinic.