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Physiotherapy Treatment of Repetitive Injuries

Do you suspect you have an overuse injury?

De Quervains tenosynovitis

This is a common overuse tendon injury in the thumb, where it inserts into the base of the wrist. The patient is usually a middle aged female who presents with pain over the base of the thumb, exacerbated by a pinch grip or wringing out clothes.

How is DE QUERVAINS TENOSYNOVITIS treated by Physiotherapists?

The physiotherapist advises rest from the movements that aggravate the pain. A thermoplastic heat moulded brace is often prescribed for sleeping and work activities. Deep tissue massage and ultrasound are often beneficial. A cortisone injection can be given to lessen the inflammation.


Tennis/golfers elbow (lateral and medial epicondylitis)

These are chronic overuse injuries in the elbow tendons. Pain is made worse with gripping actions.

How is TENNIS / GOLFERS ELBOW treated by Physiotherapists?

The physiotherapy treatment involves deep tissue massage, stretching and strengthening exercises, electrotherapy modalities and acupuncture. A deloading elbow brace is often prescribed. A corticosteroid injection may also help with recovery.


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